ISRIC Soil Information System (ISIS)

Worldwide diversity of soils

ISRIC Soil Information Sytem (ISIS). Project to bring the ISRIC Soil Reference collection on-line. ISIS characterizes a collection of monoliths with morphological, analytical  data that represent the main soil reference groups of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB)

ISIS holds data on the World Soil Reference Collection, a large part of which have been collected during the NASREC programme. Between 2010-2013, ISRIC will enlarge its soil reference collection with some 200 profiles - Expansion of the ISRIC world soil reference collection more ...).

Using ISIS, users may access:

  • Site data: 60 attributes on location, geology, landform, soil surface properties, hydrology, land-use, vegetation and climate
  • Soil data:
    • Soil profile description according to the FAO Guidelines
    • 100 physical, chemical and mineralogical attributes
    • Attributes for classification in the FAO-Unesco Legend (1974), the Revised FAO-Unesco Legend (1988), World Reference Base for Soil Resources (2006), USDA Soil Taxonomy, and a national classification system, as available.

The World Soil Reference Collection at ISRIC includes some 950 monoliths from over 70 countries with detailed soil profile and environmental data

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