DATA (WoSIS) project

Location of shared, unique profiles managed in WoSIS (Dec. 2015)

To enable the use of new (web) technologies that permit faster and new forms of soil information delivery, ISRIC has developed a centralized and user–focused server database, known as ISRIC World Soil Information Service (WoSIS). This inter-operable system serves the international community with validated and authorized data, derived from a growing range of 'shared' data sources, through various web services and also feed into the ACCESS project. Key to the project is the international sharing of data for possible consideration in WoSIS.

Web services and data flow from WoSIS to the final human user)

The DATA project started in January 2015. At the moment, special attention is being paid to the standardization and harmonization of world soil (analytical) data with special attention for those considered in the GlobalSoilMap specifications. An overview of the WoSIS workflow and progress may be found here.

The DATA project plays an important role in supporting the activities of the ICSU-WDS accredited World Data Centre for Soils (WDC Soils) at ISRIC.