Cascape Ethiopia woredas soil landscape resources


The CASCAPE project ( is a joint effort of Ethiopia and The Netherlands to improve agricultural productivity in Ethiopia. CASCAPE was designed for Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia and is executed in close cooperation with the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) of the Ethiopian government. ALTERRA ( coordinates the implementation of the project on behalf of Wageningen University and Research centre (WUR) and the project is coordinated at national level by the National Coordination Unit and executed with various partners in 6 regional clusters with interventions in 30 woredas ('districts'). 

A soil characterisation & mapping study was initiated to generate coherent information on the soil-landscape resources of the CASCAPE intervention woredas in support to scaling up of best practices in agricultural soil fertility and soil water management. ISRIC - World Soil Information was contracted by ALTERRA to provide technical and scientific assistance and expert advice. The study resulted in coherent data and information on the characteristics and distribution of soil resources in the landscapes of the 30 intervention woredas.

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