Global Soil Partnership

FAO developed a Global Soil Partnership (GSP) for Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation based on the recommendation of FAO's High-Level External Committee on the Millennium Development Goals and the 22nd Committee on Agriculture. On 5 December 2012, the 145 FAO Council approved the Terms of Reference of the GSP and recommended its immediate implementation

ISRIC – World Soil Information as member of the GSP participates in the implementation of the GSP activities, in particular Pillar 4 and PiIllar 5. ISRIC’s leading capacities in training and education and in developing web-based tools for generating improved global and regional soil information has been recognized in the recent GSP report “State of the Art Report on Global and Regional Soil Information: Where are we? Where to go?” 

The Netherlands Government actively supports the participation of ISRIC in the GSP, as it considers it essential to align efforts and resources to improve world soil information, to secure the participation of all countries (primarily developing nations), to support capacity building on soil information through training, to generate ownership of the soil information, and to use the enhanced information to support studies of food security and climate change mitigation.