Reference soil Netherlands 21: Anthrosol

Collection date: 
December, 2013
Soil surveyor: 
Spaargaren, OC
Prov. of Gelderland, De Klomp
Climate classification: 

WRB 1998:

Spodi- Plaggic Anthrosol



Fimic Anthrosol
Humic Podzol
The altitude of the soil profile relative to mean sea level, specified in meters 8 m asl
Regional landform low hill
Topography of the surrounding country undulating
Physiographic Unit in the immediate surrounding of the site cover sand ridge
The slope refers to the inclination of the land immediately surrounding the site. The measured or estimated slope angle is specified to the nearest per cent 10 %
The physiographic position of the site where the profile is located upper slope
Form of the slope surrounding the site  
Slope Aspect of the site east
Parent material: 
The main parent rock/ material over which the soil has been formed (1st entry) mixed lithology and composition
Mode of Accumulation or deposition of parent material (1st entry) eolian sand
Texture of parent material (1st entry)  
Weathering status of solid rock (1st entry) partially or moderately
Depth1 of lithological boundary cm
The main parent rock/ material over which the soil has been formed (2nd entry)  
Texture of parent material (2nd entry) sandy
Resistance against weathering (solid rock) (2nd entry)  
Soil Depth; depth to which roots can easily penetrate throughout the year 160 cm
Remarks on Parent Materials Wind-blown sand of Weichselian age
Hydrology and drainage: 
Depth of groundwater table cm
Groundwater Top cm
Groundwater Bottom cm
Kind of groundwater table no groundwater table observed
Top Stagnating Layer cm
Bottom Stagnating Layer cm
Runoff medium
Flooding frequency never
Estimated permeablity (class) of least permeable part of the profile moderate
Drainage Class moderately well
To Drainage Class  
Moisture conditions of the profile: dry from -to cm
Moisture conditions of the profile: moist from -to 0-160 cm
Wet From - To cm
Soil erosion type (1st entry)  
Occurrence of soil aggradation  
Slope Stability