Reference soil Indonesia 42: Fluvisol

LOCATION: Near artificial drain. MICRO RELIEF: Crab mounds. Down to 56 cm there is a lot of activity of marine organisms (crabs). FLOODING: Tidal floods occuring between 13:00 and 19:00 hour. Tidal fluctuation is 2 to 5 meters. ADDITIONAL NOTES ON PROFILE DESCRIPTION: 1 - mottles are irregular. 2 - mottles : many rounded and ex along roots. 3,4&5 - unripe clay. In all the horizons organic matter is encountered, like small and fine root remnants.
Collection date: 
December, 1987
Soil surveyor: 
Mudjiono & Sudihardjo
Sumatra, Riau, Bengkalis, Bukit Kapur, Geniut
Climate classification: 

WRB 2006:

Salic Tidalic Fluvisol(Thionic Sodic Siltic)
0-120 cm salic horizon  
81-120 cm thionic horizon  
fluvic material  



Sali- Thionic Fluvisol
Thionic Fluvisol saline phase
81-120 cm sulfuric horizon  
fluvic properties  
sulfidic materials  
81-120 cm sulfuric horizon  
sulfidic materials
The altitude of the soil profile relative to mean sea level, specified in meters 2 m asl
Regional landform tidal flat
Topography of the surrounding country flat or almost flat
Physiographic Unit in the immediate surrounding of the site marine system
The slope refers to the inclination of the land immediately surrounding the site. The measured or estimated slope angle is specified to the nearest per cent 0 %
The physiographic position of the site where the profile is located flat
Parent material: 
The main parent rock/ material over which the soil has been formed (1st entry) sediment, unconsolidated
Mode of Accumulation or deposition of parent material (1st entry) marine sediments
Texture of parent material (1st entry)
Hydrology and drainage: 
Depth of groundwater table 120 cm
Kind of groundwater table groundwater table observed
Flooding frequency daily
Estimated permeablity (class) of least permeable part of the profile slow
Drainage Class very poor
To Drainage Class  
Wet From - To 0-120 cm
Land use: 
Current land use at the site (semi-)natural vegetation
Vegetation Type;The natural vegetation at the site evergreen forest
Status of vegetation primary
Remarks on Land Use / Vegetation VEGETATION: mangrove
Surface characteristics: 
Microrelief Pattern isolated
Rockiness none
Stoniness none
Cracks no cracks observed
Slaking of aggregates by tillage, rainfall or frost no surface slaking/crusting observed
Evidence of salt moderately saline
Evidence of alkali non-alkaline