Reference soil France 11: Albeluvisol

Collection date: 
January, 1966
Soil surveyor: 
De Mooy CJ
Département Ardennes, 7km W of Rocroi, Bois des Hingues
Climate classification: 

WRB 2006:

WRB 1998:

Stagnic Albeluvisol(Ferric Hyperdystric Siltic)
Ferri- Stagnic Albeluvisol(Siltic)
27-41 cm albic horizon  
41-134 cm argic horizon  
78-116 cm ferric horizon  
reducing conditions  
stagnic colour pattern  
27-41 cm albic horizon  
41-134 cm argic horizon  
6-27 cm ochric horizon  
78-116 cm ferric horizon  
stagnic properties  




Fragi- Stagnic Podzoluvisol
Gleyic Podzoluvisol fragipan phase
27-41 cm albic E horizon  
41-134 cm argic B horizon  
6-27 cm ochric A horizon  
stagnic properties  
27-41 cm albic E horizon  
41-134 cm argillic B horizon  
6-27 cm ochric A horizon  
hydromorphic properties  
The altitude of the soil profile relative to mean sea level, specified in meters 345 m asl
Regional landform plateau
Topography of the surrounding country undulating
Physiographic Unit in the immediate surrounding of the site near summit of flat plateau
The slope refers to the inclination of the land immediately surrounding the site. The measured or estimated slope angle is specified to the nearest per cent 1 %
The physiographic position of the site where the profile is located
Parent material: 
The main parent rock/ material over which the soil has been formed (1st entry) sediment, unconsolidated
Mode of Accumulation or deposition of parent material (1st entry) eolian loess
Texture of parent material (1st entry) loamy
Weathering status of solid rock (1st entry) partially or moderately
Resistance against weathering (solid rock) (1st entry) moderate
Remarks on Parent Materials non-calcareous, reworked loess ("limon de plateau")
Hydrology and drainage: 
Kind of groundwater table perched
Top Stagnating Layer 20 cm
Bottom Stagnating Layer 120 cm
Runoff very slow
Flooding frequency never
Estimated permeablity (class) of least permeable part of the profile slow
Drainage Class poor
Land use: 
Current land use at the site afforestation
Vegetation Type;The natural vegetation at the site deciduous forest
Remarks on Land Use / Vegetation VEGETATION: Mainly Betula and Quercus sp., with a ground cover of grasses and Vaccinium
Surface characteristics: 
Rockiness none
Stoniness none
Cracks no cracks observed
Slaking of aggregates by tillage, rainfall or frost no surface slaking/crusting observed
Evidence of salt non-saline
Evidence of alkali non-alkaline