ISRIC's Worldgrids Service provides a repository of gridded predictors with global or at least partial global coverage. As WDC for Soils, ISRIC facilitates the collation and use of multi-thematic gridded repositories of Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) covariates (at a resolution of 1 to 5 km) as part of our service to the international scientific community and other user communities. The Worldgrids repository contains over 100 grid maps at a 5.6 km resolution; 1 km resolution maps are currently being added to the repository.

The functionalities of the Worldgrids repository include:
1) querying for a single value from a defined covariate map
2) querying for mass values from a defined covariate map
3) extraction of a defined subset from a defined covariate map
4) creating of an overlay of a user specified zone grid and a defined covariate map.



We implement the OGC-compliant pyWPS software (which may,  under discussion,  become part of the OSGEO family of software packages).