Vocabulary Service

Objective: The ISRIC - World Soil Information Vocabulary Service (SOILVOC) provides ontologies of interest in the Soil Science domain following a request of the IUSS Working group of Soil Information Standardization. This multilingual soil environmental thesaurus is being developed by ISRIC - World Soil Information as a reference indexing and retrieval tool for the catalogue of data sources and other soil databases around the world. Currently, it is based on selected databases (FAO - agrovoc; EEA - gemet).  Over the next 2-4 years, the vocabulary service will be developed further based on international collaboration with colleagues from Europe (GS-Soil project), Australia (CSIRO SEEGrid) and similar projects around the world. Implementation: This service is based on the SEEGrid Vocabulary Service implementation. The API has been implemented over a ReST Interface adapted from GEMET API. Using the SISSVoc API as a rest service: