ISRIC-WISE revised soil property estimates for the soil types of the World

  • This dataset, generated in 2002, presents derived property values for 28 soil chemical and physical attributes identified as being useful for AEZ studies, crop growth simulation, and analyses of global environmental change. 
  • It is based on the analysis of over 9600 globally distributed soil profiles, held in a working copy of WISE
  • Criteria for clustering the data are in accordance with conventions developed at FAO, IIASA, and ISRIC for use with the Soil Map of the World. 
  • The lists of derived soil properties can be linked to the 1:5 million scale Soil Map of the World through the 1974 Legend soil unit code, and to SOTER databases through the Revised Legend code. Map unit complexity should be considered when making such linkages (see documentation).
  • Note: The most recent version of the 'ISRIC-WISE soil property estimates for the soil types of the World' database (2015), at a 30 by 30 arc second resolution, is available here 
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ISRIC - World Soil Information
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