Year of Soils 2015

ISRIC supports the International Year of Soils 2015

Soils are essential for sustaining life on earth. They are the basis for food, feed, fuel and fibre production and the provisioning of ecosystem services. Yet, they are the most overlooked natural resource: There appears to be an alarming gap between recognition of the  importance of soils and their appreciation and protection.

The UN has therefore declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils. The main aim is to increase  awareness and understanding of the importance of soils for food security and essential ecosystem functions. It is hoped that enough momentum can be generated to bring soils on as many agendas as possible, thus promoting the sustainable management of this essentially non-renewable resource.

ISRIC - World Soil Information welcomes the International Year of Soils 2015 and will support the effort with a series of soil-based events. The World Soil Museum will be a major platform for this, and events will be jointly organised with groups at Wageningen UR. These activities will be aiming at a wide range of target groups – from school children, to the general public, scientists and policy-makers.Please check out our list of events on the ‘Links’ section on the right. This will be regularly updated in the course of 2015.”

Together with other Wageningen-based soil institutions and organisations we have formed the Wageningen Soil Network which enables us to locally join forces and coordinate joint events supporting the International Year of Soils 2015.