WOSIS API development (SQL demos and functionality)

Title WOSIS API development (SQL demos and functionality)
Description The WOSIS (World Soil Information Service) database has an API library that stores generic functions in an object oriented strategy using Python language. This API is used in scripts that support data import, export, analysis, standardisation, unit testing, web development, etc. The API does not support the relational database model described in its SQL structure. New programming strategies like SQL-Alchemy allow for DB structures to be better represented in a pure object oriented (OO) way. The internship will focus on the improvement of the WOSIS API and application/development of code based in SQL-Alchemy in Python Language. The final result would be a new WOSIS API, a WOSIS API document and a final reporting of the viability and problems faced using a more “intense” OO programming to an API.
ISRIC supervisor Dr JS (Jorge) Mendes de Jesus
Starting date Any time from, 2015
Duration Between three and six months