Terra Australis: soils down under

Dr. Ichsani Wheeler opened the exhibition

A new exhibition has been opened in the World Soil Museum dedicated to the great diversity of soils of Australia. Australian soils have formed on a wide range of rock types and under climatic conditions varying from the wet and dry tropics of Queensland, to the very low rainfall areas of the centre. Highlighted soils include a red soil from the sugar cane area of Bundaberg in Queensland and a desert soil from the central western area.

Terra Australis (Latin for South Land), the title of the exhibition, was one of several names applied to the largest landmass of what is now known as the continent of Australia. The exhibition was opened by soil scientist Dr. Ichsani Wheeler from Australia, who cut a banner with the name of the exhibition. An oral presentation of her research in Australia, on the auditability of soil carbon at the farm scale, will follow.

Temporary exhibition.