Technical Papers

Technical Papers with ISBN were discontinued in 2000. They discussed a subject in greater detail than in the former ISRIC Working Papers and Preprints. Currently, such work is mainly published in the new ISRIC Report series.

Batjes NH 1999. Management options for reducing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere by increasing carbon sequestration in the soil. Tech. Pap. 30, ISRIC, Wageningen  PDF

De Oliviera JB and Van den Berg M, 1996. Relation between the soil units of the FAO-Unesco Soil Map of the World Legend and the soil classes used in Brazilian surveys. Tech. Pap. 29, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Hartemink AE 1995. Soil fertility decline under sisal cultivation in Tanzania. Tech. Pap. 28, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Batjes NH 1995. A global data set of soil pH properties. Tech. Pap. 27, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Batjes NH 1995. World Inventory of Soil Emission Potentials: WISE 2.1 - Database user's manual and coding protocols. Tech. Pap. 26, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Brunt J and Kauffman JH 1995. SOLGRAPH. A soil and climatic data presentation and assessment program. Tech. Pap. 25 (DOS software is no longer supported) , ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Van de Ven T, Tempel P and Verhagen J 1995. ISRIC Soil Information System - User Manual (ISIS 4.0). Tech. Pap 15b (rev. ed. Ocotber 1995), ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Brunt J 1997. SOILIMS. Laboratory Information Management System for Soil and Plant Laboratories. Manual and Tutor, version 1.4 (DOS software is no longer supported). Tech. Pap. 24, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF 
Batjes NH and Bridges EM 1992. A review of soil factors and processes that control fluxes of heat, moisture and greenhouse gases, Tech. Pap. 23. ISRIC, Wageningen, 201 pp    PDF 
Glazovskaya MA 1990. Methodological guidelines for forecasting the geochemical susceptibility of soils to technogenic pollution. Tech. Pap. 22, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Oldeman LR 1990. An agroclimatic characterization of Madagascar. Tech. Pap. 21 (with map), ISRIC, Wageningen, FOFIFA, Antananarivo, and IRRI, Los Baños   PDF

FAO 1988. FAO/Unesco Soil Map of the World, Revised Legend, with corrections and updates. World Soil Resources Report 60, FAO, Rome  (Reprinted with updates as Tech. Pap. 20, ISRIC, Wageningen, 1997)   PDF

Bridges EM 1990. Soil horizon designations. Tech. Pap. 19, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF

Simonson RW 1989. Historical highlights of soil survey and soil classification with emphasis on the United States, 1899-1970. Tech. Pap. 18, ISRIC, Wageningen    PDF

Fitzpatrick EA 1988. Soil horizon designation and classification. Tech. Pap. 17, ISRIC, Wageningen   PDF
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