Successful ISRIC Spring School 2014

Participants receive training

From 12-16 May, ISRIC – World Soil Information successfully organized the second ISRIC spring school. The spring school attracted 49 participants from 28 countries. The purpose of the spring school was to introduce participants to world soils, soil databases, software for soil data analysis and visualisation, digital soil mapping and soil-web services. Two parallel courses were run: Hands-on Global Soil Information Facilities (GSIF) and World Soils and their Assessment (WSA).

The GSIF course introduced participants to geostatisical methods for soil mapping, quantification of uncertainty in soil modelling, SOTER databases, 3D soil mapping with the GSIF package for the statistical software R, and visualisation of soil data in Google Earth. The WSA course introduced participants to the soils of the world, soil description and classification, which included a field trip to study the soils in the surroundings of Wageningen, world soil databases and soils in relation to food security and land degradation and conservation.

Participants of the Spring School 2014

Guest lectures were given by Dr. Dick Brus from Alterra, Ir. Harrie Lovenstein from Wageningen International, and prof. dr. Seppe Deckers from the KU Leuven.