Soil briefs

The Soil Brief series was discontinued in 2000 at the end of the NASREC project. They discuss formation, characterization and suitability of one or more related soil types in their agro-ecological setting. Soil Briefs also present full analytical data of the soils and colour pages with photographs of the landscape(s) and soil profile(s).

Soil Briefs are available for following countries:

  • China              13     [available as PDF]
  • Costa Rica       2     [available as PDF]
  • Cuba                 8     [available as PDF]
  • Ecuador            1     [available as PDF]
  • Jamaica            1    [available as PDF]
  • Nigeria              7    [available as PDF]
  • Nicaragua        3    [available as PDF]
  • Venezuela        3    [available as PDF]  

Brief descriptions and analytical data are also available for:
 (pepared by International Soil Museum in the 1970s)

  • Australia           PDF
  • France              PDF
  • Soviet Union      PDF
  • Spain                PDF
  • Sweden             PDF