Soil Atlas of Africa


The Soil Atlas of Africa is the result of a collaborative initiative of the European Union, the African Union and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to support and encourage the sustainable use of soil resources in Africa and the Global Soil Partnership for Food Security. The Atlas is meant to raise awareness of the need for improved protection and sustainable management of soil resources in Africa. It builds on the considerable knowledge on soils in Africa that has been amassed through the substantial endeavours of many individuals and organisations.

ISRIC – World Soil Information contributed to the production of the Atlas through the expertise of Otto Spaargaren (Editorial Board and Author) with contributions from Prem Bindraban and Niels Batjes. Valuable material, including pictures and scanned soil maps, were drawn from the ISRIC World Soil Library and Map Collection; ISRIC also contributed to the development of Harmonised World Soil Database (HWSD), the data of which underpin the Soil Atlas of Africa.


Journal paper:
Dewitte O, Jones A, Spaargaren O, Breuning-Madsen H, Brossard M, Dampha A, Deckers J, Gallali T, Hallett S, Jones R, Kilasara M, Le Roux P, Michéli E, Montanarella L, Thiombiano L, Van Ranst E, Yemefack M and Zougmore R 2013. Harmonisation of the soil map of Africa at the continental scale.  Geoderma 211–212, 138-153   more ...