Response to land degradation

TitleResponse to land degradation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBridges, EM, Hannam ID, and Oldeman LR
PublisherScience Publishers
CityEnfield, NH [etc.]
ISBN Number157808153X1578081521
Keywordsarable land, assessment, beoordeling, bodemdegradatie, bouwland, case studies, climatic change, developing countries, environmental management, food security, gevalsanalyse, government policy, klimaatverandering, land use, landgebruik, law, milieubeheer, monitoring, ontwikkelingslanden, overheidsbeleid, recht, social impact, sociale gevolgen, soil degradation, voedselzekerheid
AbstractResponse to Land Degradation provides a wide-range study of the human response to the causes and effects of land degradation. The background to the problem of land degradation is examined and the reasons for it described, giving the reader a comprehensive picture of the contemporary state of land resources. The driving forces that cause land degradation and impacts they have upon the environment are illustrated by case studies.