Prem Bindraban appointed executive director of the Virtual Fertilizer Research Center in Washington


Created by IFDC in 2010, the VFRC is a research initiative to foster the creation of the next generation of fertilizers and production technologies to help feed the world’s growing population and provide sustainable food security. Such innovative fertilizers will be more effectively taken up by plants, lead to less environmental impact and support smallholder farmers in their efforts to improve their livelihoods. Prem Bindraban: “I feel that this brings me ‘closer to the field’, further exploiting and advancing my knowledge, set up a new dedicated and ambitious team and find tangible solutions.”

With ISRIC and PRI Prem had a very exciting time, with great progress made over the past years, which made it a hard decision to change jobs. “What made this decision less unacceptable to me is that at both institutes we have world class teams that are fully equipped, knowledgeable, talented and dedicated to carry on and to service the world community with high quality information to contribute to global development issues. I am convinced that our board of directors will succeed in finding a successor for me who will bring in new ideas, further strengthen these teams and timely deliver high quality products. We have no time to waste. During the coming weeks I will secure a smooth transition of my on-going activities.”