NoWOSIS Database development (NoSQL database development)

Title NoWOSIS Database development (NoSQL database development)
Description WOSIS is relational database (PostGIS) containing soil data records. Records are grouped in schemas that contain tables, whose columns (in turn) contain primary and foreign keys that describe data relationships. Relational database theory is solid and reliable but it has several setbacks: the data model is fix/imutable, lack of data affects database viability and scalability in a web environment is cumbersome. In the late 90' NoSQL databases started to be developed in an effort to tackle massive data storage and search required by companies like Google, Amazon, etc. Some NoSQL databases describe data relationships using graph theory. For example, a soil profile is a node that links to attributes like: colour, chemical properties or to another node that is a soil horizon. Both nodes are related since a soil profile is composed of soil horizons. A feasibility study would investigate how WOSIS could take advantage of a spatial graph database like Neo4J.
ISRIC supervisor Dr JS (Jorge) Mendes de Jesus
Starting date Any time in 2015
Duration Between three and six months