New version of SoilGrids1km and SoilInfo App released

What you get using SoilGrids1km and SoilInfo App

ISRIC has recently released a new version of the SoilGrids1km data set (spatial predictions of targeted soil properties and classes) and an accompanying smartphone / tablet app that provides direct access to SoilGrids1km predictions in the field. The new version of SoilGrids1km now also includes predictions of the depth to bedrock, occurrence of the R (bedrock) horizon and estimate of the soil organic carbon stock in tonnes per ha. SoilGrids1km are available for download via and/or via the REST service

What is SoilInfo App?

SoilInfo is an App for mobile devices that allows anyone in the world to accessing publicly available soil data (at the moment SoilGrids1km data set) in a simple format i.e. as soil profile depth curve plots or tabular summaries. The current (beta release) version of the SoilInfo App provides access to standard soil properties such as soil organic carbon (g kg-1), soil pH (-), texture fractions (%), bulk density (kg m-3), cation-exchange capacity (cmol kg-1) of the fine earth fraction, coarse fragments (%), soil organic carbon stock (tonnes per ha), depth to bedrock (in cm), FAO World Reference Base soil groups, and USDA Soil Taxonomy suborders, directly in the field. The only requirement to use SoilInfo App is that a user needs a GPS enabled mobile device and an Android or IPhone operating system. For more info about the SoilInfo App, please refer to A desktop version of the SoilInfo App is available at:

Who is the SoilInfo App intended for?

The current spatial prediction framework focuses on producing soil information at coarse resolution of 1 km, therefore SoilInfo App is probably of limited use to farmers and agricultural extension services i.e. at farm scale. However, this might change as the new versions of SoilGrids data, at more detailed resolutions and with improved predictions, are released. The main objective of the GSIF framework to soil data production is to establish a crowd-sourcing system to allow for users to contribute new field data and rate content based on usability (just like in the biggest web-based crowd-sourcing projects such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Geo-Wiki or similar). Consider contributing to this crowd-sourcing project and help us improve these data! For more info see:

How does it work?

On Android phones you can download install the App for your from the Google Play store. Provided that you have GPS receiver or at least a network IP, the app will locate (see "Locate" button) and query the values of SoilGrids1km ("Query") for your location. The values can be displayed either in table or graph (soil-depth curves). The upper and lower limits indicate 90% probability confidence interval estimated by the spatial prediction models. All the predictions of soil properties and soil classes are at the moment of limited quality, hence the confidence limits are rather wide. For regular updates and bug fixes please refer to