Sping course 2013

Tailored courses

ISRIC provides courses on various soil science topics, such as soils of the world, soil information systems, soil and terrain mapping, and soil use and management. In addition, many courses also train participants in the use of databases, GIS, computer models and (geo)statistical software. We provide courses at introductory and advanced level, and can tailor courses to specific user needs. The course programme is typically developed in joint collaboration with the local host and the ISRIC staff involved.

Each course is composed of modules that are selected from the list below. Modules can be shortened or extended depending on the duration and composition of the course as a whole. Contact Stephan Mantel (soils of the world and soil use and management) or Gerard Heuvelink (soil statistics and soil information systems) for further information or if you are interested in organising an ISRIC course at your institute.

Module descriptions:

Soils of the World

Soil and Terrain Mapping

Soil Information Systems

Soil Use and Management

Software tools