Mapping of Soil and Water Conservation measures (WOCAT)

Title Mapping of Soil and Water Conservation measures  (WOCAT)

WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) is an established global network of Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) specialists, contributing to sustainable land management (SLM). WOCAT’s goal is to prevent and reduce land degradation through SLM technologies and their implementation approaches. The network provides tools that allow SLM specialists to identify fields and needs of action, share their valuable knowledge in land management, that assist them in their search for appropriate SLM technologies and approaches, and that support them in making decisions in the field and at the planning level and in up-scaling identified best practices.

WOCAT Mapping database

The WOCAT mapping method generates information on the distribution and characteristics of land degradation and SLM activities and can be applied from village scale to country or region level. It is based on participatory expert assessment supported by documents and surveys, spatialised on a Land Use Systems base map. The mapping method can also be used for monitoring land degradation and conservation after project implementation.

Research activities:

  1. Mapping the type, extent, degree/ effectiveness, causes and impacts of degradation resp. conservation
  2. Analyse the results

Possible countries: (global)

ISRIC supervisor Drs. Godert W.J. van Lynden
Starting date Any time
Duration Between three and six months