JAMPLES: a computerized land evaluation system for Jamaica

TitleJAMPLES: a computerized land evaluation system for Jamaica
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsBatjes, NH, Bouwman AF, Bouma J, and Bregt AK
Book TitleLand Qualities in Space and Time
ISBN Number90-220-0973-4
Keywordsclimatic conditions, computer program, Cultural Practices, Jamaica, land evaluation, simulation model, soil suitability, TROPAG
AbstractJAMPLES, a software package developed in Jamaica, is designed to determine land suitability of areas targeted for agricultural use. Its application is outlined. It matches climate, soil and topographical data with agro-ecological requirements of specific crops, indicating possible limitations. Following this "matching" process the final suitability is determined at 3 levels of management. The system generates semi-quantitative results which have been used for rural planning in Jamaica. JAMPLES is the agricultural interface of the Jamaica Geographical Information System (JAMGIS). JAMGIS is being developed to provide a nationally consistent capability for land use planning at scale 1: 25 000 to 1: 50 000