ISRIC's Spring School 2013

5-day training course for soil mappers and soil scientists

The purpose of the Spring School was to introduce participants to world soils, soil databases, software for soil data analysis and visualisation, digital soil mapping and soil-web services. The Spring School was held on the Wageningen University campus from 22-26 April 2013.

The Spring School 2013 consisted of two 5-day courses run in parallel. To find more information about the two courses, follow the links below:

Hands-on Global Soil Information Facilities (GSIF)
methods and tools for 3D soil analysis and mapping
World soils and their assessment (WSA)
introductory / refresher course on international standards for soils assessment
Lecturers: Lecturers:


Important dates:

  • Deadline for registrations has been extended to: 15th February  2013
  • Deadline for payment of the registration fees: 1st of March 2013
  • Final programme of the school and confirmation of the hotel bookings: mid March 2013
  • Spring school: 22-26 April 2013

Who is it for:

Soil data producers and soil mappers involved in soil mapping and soil information production at regional, national and continental scales; soil experts and professionals in natural resources management and planning; soil science students at MSc and PhD level.

Lecture rooms:

Forum building (see Wageningen University campus map)

  • 22-4: C 409, PC 516 (GSIF) / C 406, PC 512 (WSA);

  • 23-4: C 409, PC 516 (GSIF) / C 406, PC 512 (WSA);

  • 24-4: C 406 en PC 512 (GSIF);

  • 25-4: C 409, PC 625 (GSIF) / C 408, PC 621 (WSA);

  • 26-4: C 409, PC 625 (GSIF) / C 408, PC 621 (WSA);

Selection criteria:

Each course is limited to 30 participants per course. In the case of higher number of applications, priority will be given based on:

  1. Time of application (first-come first-served);
  2. Country of residence and/or employment (participants from ODA countries have a priority);
  3. In the case there are >1 candidates from the same institute/University, only one will be selected.

Registered applicants

We have received 34 registrations from 24 countries: South Africa (5), Hungary (3), Bulgaria (3), The Netherlands (2), Brazil (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2), Serbia (1), Canada (1), Costa Rica (1), Australia (1), Austria (1), Azerbaijan (1), USA (1), Mexico (1), Kenya (1), Argentina (1), Australia (1), Denmark (1), Uganda (1), Russia (1), Jordan (1), Ethiopia (1), Russian federation (1), and Zambia (1). Each registered candidate have already received an invitation letter with instructions on how to prepare for the course and with the payment instructions.

Map of applicants for the Spring School 2013 (1st round)

Registration fees:

  • ODA country residence and/or employer and/or full time students (a copy of a student card required*): 275 EUR
  • Other: 550 EUR

* Reduced fee is valid also for PE&RC PhD students who have a TSP and will defend their thesis at Wageningen University.

The registration fee covers the costs of all course materials and lectures, lunch meals and coffee breaks, and the gala dinner. This course is organized on a cost-recovery basis i.e. no profit is made from the course fees. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate and free access to software and datasets used during the course.

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Recommended accommodation possibilities (see a map of the listed hotels and a map with all hotels in Wageningen and a list of BB possibilities):

  • Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld, (3 types of rooms: 65 euro per night (3-star), 75 euro per night (4-star), 79 euro per night (4+-star) + 1 euro tax per night, breakfast included; we have booked 13 rooms in this hotel. If you like to stay in this hotel please contact Bas Kempen).
  • Hof van Wageningen (4 star; 75 euro per night, including breakfast + 1,50 tax per night).
  • Hotel PTC+ in Ede (3 star; 80 euro per night, including breakfast + 1,50 tax per night; we have booked 5 rooms in this hotel. If you like to stay in this hotel please contact the hotel; referr to the  ISRIC Spring School)
  • Hotel de Wereld (4 star with Michelin-star restaurant; 125 euro per night + 1,25 tax, breakfast 17,50).
  • Hotel de ReeHorst in Ede (4 star 62,50 euro per night + 2 tax,  breakfast 15; we have booked 10 rooms in this hotel. If you like to stay in this hotel please contact the hotel and refer to the  ISRIC Spring School).
  • Bed and Breakfast possibilities.
  • AirBnB for Wageningen.

When looking for the Bed & Breakfast accommodation, we recommend finding a place in the neighbourhood of Wageningen / Bennekom to avoid long travel times.

The priority for the reservered rooms for the Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld and Hotel de ReeHorst have applicants that have opted for sharing of the rooms. The final room offers will be sent to you by 1st of April.