Honorary fellows

Honorary Fellows are appointed in recognition of mutual long and fruitful relationship with ISRIC - World Soil Information:

  • Dr Wim G. Sombroek (in memoriam First Honorary Fellow    former Director of ISRIC; and outstanding contributions to the Institute by optimising the earned recognition worldwide 
  • Professor Dr Rudi Dudal (in memoriam― mastermind of the Soil Map of the World and long-time friend of ISRIC
  • Professor Dr Klaas Jan Beek seminal work of  land evaluation and through the trusteeship as Rector of the International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation  
  • Dr Robert Brinkman seminal work carrying soil survey through land evaluation to land use planning; and support as Chief of FAO Land Resources 
  • Dr Luca Montanarella ― leading soil science in the EU Joint Research Centre; promoting the European Digital Archive of Soil Maps and SOTER; and for carrying soil survey data into policy
  • Professor Dr Johan Bouma ― soil physical properties and application of soil survey data; carrying soil information into national and international policy; and for long-time support as member of the ISRIC Board
  • Professor Dr Pedro Sanchez ― seminal work on the properties and management of soils of the tropics; and support as Co-Chair of the Hunger Task Force of the UN Millennium Project

  • Dr JA (Seppe )Deckers emeritus professor at the University of Leuven in Belgium.He has a leading role in the field of international soil classification, education of soils and their sustainable management; long time collaboration with ISRIC, especially in the development of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources.
  • Dr RA (Bob) MacMillan-Scientific coordinator of the GlobalSoilMap project, helped establish GlobalSoilMap specifications.He is a genuine advocate of Open Soil data and international collaboration and has been instrumental in the development of SoilGrids

                   Dr Klaas-Jan Beek (left) and Dr Rudi Dudal (right) with the FAO-Unesco Soil Map of the World 
at the official opening of new premises for the International Soil Museum, in 1979