HADRM3 is a Regional Climate Model (RCM) and has been developed by the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction. HADRM3 was developed from the output of the HadAM3h global general circulation model (GCM), and has a resolution of 50x50 km. The HADRM3 regional climate model has been run for a range of SRES Emissions Scenarios, with the following periods of time (time slices): 1961-90, 2070-99. Regional climate models, such as HADRM3, are developed to help address issues below the resolution of the General Circulation Models (GCMs). Too high resolutions create excessive running times for global change models for long time periods. Because of their coarse resolution, global change models do not sufficiently take into account local features that impact on local climate, such as mountains. For study of local climate systems, regional climate models with a higher resolution (typically 50 km) are constructed for limited areas and run for shorter periods (20 years or so). Work is currently ongoing for more detailed models with a 25 km resolution (LINK, 2003). HadRM3 has been used to provide scenarios for the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP). Data from these runs are available through the Climate Impacts LINK Project.