Guy Smith Medal for Dr Otto Spaargaren

Prof. Seppe Deckers, Dr Peter Schad , Dr Otto Spaargaren, Ir Rik van den Bosch, Prof. Dr Karl Stahr

During a small ceremony at ISRIC - World Soil Information Dr Otto Spaargaren was awarded the prestiguous '2014'Guy Smith Medal' by Prof Dr Karl Stahr from Hohenheim University, pro-Division Chair of the IUSS Commission on Soil Classification).

Dr Otto Spaargaren, who was Head of the World Data Centre for Soils at ISRIC from 1993 to 2009, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Guy Smith Medal by the IUSS Commission on Soil Classification at the occasion of the 20th World Congress of Soil Science in Jeju, South Korea. Otto has been recognized for his major contributions to international soil classification and correlation with special reference to the development of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB).