Green Water User Groups

Information arising from this project can serve various user-groups: 
  • Farmers associations;
  • Research and educational institutions (Universities, NARs, CGIAR institutions, regional networks); 
  • Extension services (GO, NGO, commercial firms); 
  • Hydrological institutions and networks, such as Waternet;
  • River basin managers
  • Policy makers.
To develop this initiative, the interests of user groups need to be identified and worked out together with representatives of the user groups themselves. Topics to be discussed include the kind, format and scale of the information that is required, as well as the user interfaces to be developed. This proposal adds value to current and earlier research and extension efforts by:
  •  For farmers (through associations, cooperatives, extension services and networks), it will make available information on improved soil and water management techniques tailored to specific climate, soil and terrain, and socio-economic conditions. This will require both an inventory and manual of techniques and the development of user-targeted query facilities & interfaces; 
  • For research, educational, and hydrological institutions and networks, it will link and integrate currently available data, information and knowledge bases. It will allow transnational extrapolation of promising technologies, and will support exchange and learning; 
  • For river basin managers, it will allow scenario studies about the role of various land use options to optimize water flows;
  •  For policy makers, it will be possible to make quantitative regional estimates of where inputs and policy initiatives for green water will be required, and scenario studies of the likely outcomes of different options.