Green Water Publications

  • Two Green Water cases were persented in the FAO's E-Forum (Nov.21 -  Dec.16, 2004):
    • Dent DL 2004. Green Water Credits (download)
    • Kauffman S and Van Lynden G 2004. Managing the Water Balance; How Farmers Determine Green and Blue Water Flows in the Save Basin in Zimbabwe  (download)  
  • Ringersma J, Batjes NH and Dent DL.2003. Green Water: definitions and data for assessment. Report 2003/02, ISRIC - World Soil Information, Wageningen (download).
  • Ringersma J. 2003. Optimizing green water use and improved crop water productivity under rainfed agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa. Abstract of a data search and literature study, ISRIC.