GEOSTAT Summer school for PhD students 2012 at IfGI, Münster

GEOSTAT is a summer school, a one-week block course, that gathers some of the main developers of the spatial analysis tools within the Open Source communities such as the R project for statistical computing, GRASS project and SAGA GIS. The main objective of GEOSTAT is to promote the use of Open Source tools, especially within the academic communities and governmental agencies. GEOSTAT Summer schools are periodically held at various locations around Europe and internationally. Participants (mainly PhD students, post-doctoral staff members and project teams) learn how to integrate these Open Source tools into their daily analysis routines.

The GEOSTAT 2012 was attended by about 60 people from some 20+ countries. It consisted of 8 parallel or single block sessions that were spread over a period of 6 days. The complete Summer school has been video recorded and the videos can be accessed via the [| media repository.

ISRIC staff are also actively involved in developing Open Source packages and methods for the research community. Two ISRIC staff members, Gerard Heuvelink and Tomislav Hengl have participated in this summer school with three blocks/days on: using [|plotKML package] for visualization of spatio-temporal data and [|GSIF package] for soil mapping, and on geostatistical methods for spatial aggregation and disaggregation.