Full house at IYS2015 soil film event in Wageningen

Rik van den Bosch opening the event

On Friday, 25 September 2015, over 100 people from in and around Wageningen have joined an ISRIC-organised film event to celebrate soils in the International Year of Soil 2015. The event was sold out days before, demonstrating the significant interest that the public has on the precious matter underfoot, and its sustainable management.

The event was opened by Rik van den Bosch, Director of ISRIC, on the manifold roles that soils play in our every-day life. This was followed by the screening of two documentaries: ‘Bodemboeren’ by Fransjan de Waard and Joris van der Kamp on 5 Dutch agricultural pioneers of sustainable soil management; and ‘The Art of Healing the Earth’ by renowned American filmmaker and ecosystems ambassador John D. Liu. Where the first contribution focused on very practical efforts on how to improve soil quality by encouraging life in soil, John D. Liu’s contribution extended the view point by also showing how social and economic dimensions are affected by the way we manage our soils. It was encouraging to see how the examination of a down-to-earth matter such as soil can trigger a lively discussion on options for more sustainably managing our common future on earth.

For all of those who have not been able to attend, or did not manage to get tickets on time, not all hope is lost. The ‘Bodemboeren’ movie will be shown in more locations this year. And John D. Liu has been so kind to share a link for viewing his entire documentary online: https://www.academia.edu/9817028/Finding_Common_Ground_-_The_Art_of_Healing_the_Earth

For ISRIC-World Soil Information this has been a worthwhile effort to communicate the paramount importance of soils and their sustainable management, as well as share our fascination about them with the wider public. We want to thank everyone, including co-sponsor Lazuur Food Community, for making this evening a success.