Directions to office by public transportation

From Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) to Ede-Wageningen

Most international visitors arrive at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam).

  • First, you pass through Immigration. Before collecting your luggage, it is advisable to change your foreign currency into Euros at one of the currency exchange offices (grenswisselkantoren) at Schiphol Airport. These offices are open every day, even on Sundays.
  • To the trains: after having past through customs, proceed to the Amsterdam Railway Station which is located directly below the airport, adjacent to the arrival halls. Via Schiphol Plaza, you can walk straight to the departure or arrival hall – follow the signposts "to the train".
  • Train tickets: you can travel on NS (the Dutch Railways) with either a single-use chipcard or an ‘anonymous’ OV-chipcard (see instructions). Both are available from the yellow ticket machines with the blue overhead sign reading ‘train tickets’.
    The ticket machines are located near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza. Tickets (for domestic and international travel) are also available from the Ticket- and Service desks, which are situated close to the red/white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. Staff at the desk will also be able to provide you with train departure information and general information on travelling by train in the Netherlands. On-line travel information on train timetable and fares can be found at the NS travel-planner.

Get a train to Ede-Wageningen.

Trains depart from Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen every 15 minutes. There are two direct trains an hour and two indirect trains with a change in Utrecht Central station. The direct trains have final destination Nijmegen. When you take this train, get off the train at station Ede-Wageningen. The indirect trains have final destination Eindhoven. When you take this train, you have to switch trains in Utrecht. Switch to a train in the in the direction of Arnhem or Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately 60 to 75 minutes. 

Get off the train at station Ede-Wageningen - then proceed from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen.

Schiphol Travel Taxi

Schiphol Travel Taxi is a national taxi service on collective basis for everyone travelling to and from Schiphol. A taxi van will collect you from any address in the Netherlands at a time agreed with you. There is no need for you to change en-route. Information, Terms and Conditions as well as booking Schiphol Travel Taxi are available on-line: and click Schiphol Information or Schiphol Travel Taxi (English version).( ISRIC's postal code is 6708PB).

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Take bus 33 of RET that leave right next to the passenger’s hall, which will take you to Rotterdam Centraal Station (travelling time approximately 20 minutes). Get a ticket to Ede-Wageningen. Read the instructions how to use Public transport in the Netherlands.

From Rotterdam Central Railway Station there are four trains per hour that connect you with Ede-Wageningen railway station:

From platform 13 or 14 trains leave at 5, 20  35 and 50 minutes past the hour in the direction Utrecht, Leeuwarden or Groningen. You will have to change train at Utrecht Centraal in the direction of Arnhem or Nijmegen (platform 14). Get off the train at Ede-Wageningen railway station.

At Ede-Wageningen railway station – follow further direction from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen.

From Amsterdam Central Railway Station

Get a ticket to Ede-Wageningen. Take the direct Intercity train in the direction of Nijmegen or Arnhem (platform 4). Trains leave at 22 and 52 minutes past the hour. This train will stop at station Ede-Wageningen - follow further direction from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen.

From The Hague Central Railway Station

Get a ticket to Ede-Wageningen. Four  trains leave Den Haag Centraal  at  9, 24, 39  and 54 minutes past the hour from platforms 3, 4 or 5 to Utrecht Centraal. (Plan your trip)

You need to change train at Utrecht Centraal (platform 14, direction Nijmegen). This train stops at Ede-Wageningen railway station.

Follow further direction from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen.

From Eindhoven Airport

Travelling from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Central Station is easiest by bus: routes 400 and 401. This takes approximately 20 minutes. Read the instructions how to use Public transport in the Netherlands. Pay for your journey by OV-chipkaart. Live departure times Eindhoven Airport

In Eindhoven take the train to Utrecht-Centraal, change train to Ede- Wageningen (direction Arnhem or Nijmegen)

From other routes

If you come by train from the east to Arnhem, please make sure you have an ongoing ticket to Ede-Wageningen (approx. 15 minutes from Arnhem). If you are travelling on an international train, you will need to change at Arnhem and take any train in the direction of Utrecht, which all will halt at Ede-Wageningen.

Travelling from the south by train you can reach Ede-Wageningen by changing trains at Rotterdam Central Station (CS) and Utrecht Central Station (CS), from where you can take the train in the direction of Arnhem-Nijmegen.  - Follow further direction from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen

From Ede-Wageningen Railway Station to Wageningen

At Ede-Wageningen station you can either take the bus or a taxi. Please note that taxis are expensive. A taxi from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen costs approximately € 30.00.

From the southern exit (UITGANG ZUIDZIJDE,) the "Valleilijn" (Bus 88) departs every 15 minutes until 11 pm to Wageningen Campus (appr. 12 minutes from the station), direction Wageningen Busstation (Appr. 25 min.). Follow the signs “Bus 88 WUR” at Ede-Wageningen trainstation: get down the stairs, turn left, and get up the stairs. You then find the bus stop at your left side behind the bicycle racks. To get to the ISRIC at the campus, please take the stop “Droevendaalsesteeg”. Stops are announced in the bus or you can ask the bus driver to inform you when you arrive there. Tickets can be bought on the bus and cost 2 euros (only cash is accepted). You can also use an OV-Chipcard to pay for your trip.

Turn right and follow the signs to the GAIA building (101) at Droevendaalsesteeg. You must get a visitor's pass at the reception. ISRIC is on the ground floor, first corridor to the left.

Taxi rank is located at the northern exit of the train station. A ride to Wageningen is approximately Euro 30 and takes about 15 minutes to ISRIC.

see map of Wageningen UR campus

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