Development and testing of the R packages plotKML and GSIF

Title Development and testing of the R packages plotKML and GSIF
Description plotKML and GSIF are two R packages that integrate different steps for automated 3D soil mapping (GSIF) and data visualization (plotKML). These are software components of the GSIF toolbox (see project description), developed by ISRIC and collaborators. Both packages are managed/build via R-forge system and published with a GPL license and public access to the code. Young researchers (MSc, PhD and post-doc level) experienced with R programming and package development are encouraged to join the software development team, commit code and develop tutorials and publish research articles that use the two software packages for generating new soil maps / information. After the end of the internship it is expected that the guest researcher will continue actively committing and maintaining parts of software on a voluntary basis.
  • Background in soil mapping and/or geostatistics
  • Experience with developing R packages / documentation
ISRIC supervisor Dr T (Tom) Hengl
Starting date Any time until December 1, 2013
Duration Two to three months maximum