Compiling legacy soil data with regional partners

Workshop and participants (Click to view larger picture)

In the past year ISRIC staff has given two training sessions, intended to help make legacy soil data available and applicable through regional soil information services in the Middle East and Latin America.

The training sessions were initiated by the Global Soil Partnership (GSP). This partnership was launched by the FAO in 2011 to raise awareness on the vital role of soil resources among decision makers. The GSP promotes sustainable soil management, and is gradually enhancing the quantity and  quality of world soil information and technical cooperation between soil institutes. To achieve these objectives the FAO established Regional Soil Partnerships and organized two one-week workshops in Cali, Colombia (in July 2012) and in Amman, Jordan (in January 2013).

The training that the ISRIC staff provided during these workshops focused on the compilation, standardization and quality control of legacy soil data, in the form of profiles and maps. The training also focused on the harmonization of the data according to the World Reference Base classification. Regional soil information data that has been enhanced in these ways will be used to update the Harmonised World Soil Database (HWSD), the World Soil and Terrain databases (SOTER) and to produce Soil Property maps according to specifications. More details