Abbreviations and acronyms for projects and other activities carried out by ISRIC as lead agency  or as a partner institution are listed from A to Z: 

Abbreviation Description
AFRICA-ATLAS Soil Atlas of Africa
AfSIS Africa Soil Information Service
AfSP Africa Soil Profiles Database
ASSOD Assessment of soil degradation status in South and South East Asia
BFMP Berau Forest Management Project (Indonesia)
BSC-SCOPE Benefits of Soil Carbon
CBP Carbon Benefits Project: Modelling, Measurement and Monitoring
CHARM Chittagong Hill Tracts improved natural Resources Management (Bangladesh)
CSEQ Extrapolation study for the Carbon Sequestration Project of pasture systems in the American tropical forest ecosystem
DESIRE Desertification Mitigation and Remediation of Land, a global approach for local solution
GEFSOC Global Environmental Facility project - Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Changes
GEO-1 Technical inputs to UNEP's Pilot Global Environment Outlook No.1
GEO-4 Coordinating activities of the GEO-4 Chapter 3 (Land) Working Group
GeoPortal Development of an open infrastructure for the exchange of geo-information (GeoLoketten)
GEOSS Global Earth Observing System
GLADA Global Assessment of Land Degradation and Improvement
GLASOD Global Assessment of Human-induced Soil Degradation
GSIF Global Soil Information Facilities (GSIF)
GWC Green Water Credits
GWI Green Water Initiative
ILEIA Ethno-Pedological studies in Ghana, Peru and the Philippines
ISIS ISRIC Soil Information System
LABEX Laboratory methods and data exchange
LADA Land Degradation Assessment for Dryland Areas
NASREC Establishment of National Soil Reference Collections
PAGE Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems
PESERA PAN-European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment
P-RETENTION Global assessment of soil phosphorus retention potential
SCALING Scaling of trace gas fluxes
SOC-CBP Carbon Benefits Project: Modelling, Measurement and Monitoring
SOC-GEF Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Changes
SOC-NOP Management options for enhancing carbon sequestration in the soil
SOC-SSA Grasslands, rangelands, livestock and climate resilient mitigation (Africa)
SOLEX SOiL EXploration and sampling for science and education
SOTER Soil and Terrain Database programme
SOTERCAF SOTER database for Central Africa
SOTERLAC SOTER database for Latin America and the Caribbean
SOTERSAF SOTER database for Southern Africa
SOVEUR Mapping of Soil and Terrain Vulnerability in Central and Eastern Europe
SOWAP Soil and surface water protection using conservation tillage in Northern and Central Europe
WISE World Inventory of Soil Emission potentials
WOCAT World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies
WOSIS World Soil Information Service
WRB World Reference Base for Soil Resources
ZILRIS Impact of desertification on food security in Southern Africa