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Development of soil and terrain digital database for major food-growing regions of India for resource planning Chandran, P, Tiwary P, Bhattacharyya T, Mandal C, Prasad J, Ray SK, Sarkar D, Pal DK, Dijkshoorn JA, Batjes NH, et al., Current Science , Volume 107, p.1420-1430, (2014)
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From Framework to Action: The DESIRE Approach to Combat Desertification Hessel, R, Reed MS, Ritsema CJ, van Lynden GWJ, Karavitis CA, Schwilch G, Jetten V, Burger P, Bosch MJvan der We, Verzandvoort S, et al., Environmental Management, Volume August 2014, p.1-16, (2014)
The GlobalSoilMap project specifications Arrouays, D, McBratney AB, Minasny B, Hempel JW, Heuvelink GBM, MacMillan RA, Hartemink AE, Lagacherie P, and McKenzie NJ, GlobalSoilMap. Basis of the Global Spatial Soil Information System, London, UK, p.9-12, (2014)
GlobalSoilMap: towards a fine-resolution global grid of soil properties Arrouays, D, Grundy MG, Hartemink AE, Hempel JW, Heuvelink GBM, Hong SY, Lagacherie P, Lelyk G, McBratney AB, McKenzie NJ, et al., Advances in Agronomy , Volume 125, p.93-134, (2014)
Green Water Credits – exploring its potential to enhance ecosystem services by reducing soil erosion in the Upper Tana basin, Kenya Kauffman, JH, Droogers P, Hunink JE, Mwaniki B, Muchena FN, Gicheru PT, Bindraban PS, Onduru DD, Cleveringa R, and Bouma J, International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, p.1-11, (2014)
Modelling and mapping the topsoil organic carbon content for Tanzania. Geophysical Research Abstracts Kempen, B, Kaaya AK, Mhaiki CJNgonyani, Kiluvia SK, Ruiperez Gonzalez M, Batjes NH, and Dalsgaard S, EGU2014-10413. EGU General Assembly 2014, Volume 16, Vienna, Austria, (2014)
Modelling of soil degradation and its impact on ecosystem services globally, Part 1: A study on the adequacy of models to quantify soil water erosion for use within the IMAGE modeling framework Mantel, S, Schulp CJE, and van den Berg M, ISRIC Report 2013/06, Wageningen, p.74, (2014)
Operationalizing digital soil mapping for nationwide updating of the 1:50,000 soil map of the Netherlands Kempen, B, Brus DJ, and de Vries F, 6th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping, Nanjing, China, (2014)
Options de Gestion de l’Eau Verte dans le Bassin de la Mina, Algérie Brandsma, J, van Lynden GWJ, S Boualaoui E, Lammers G, Ouibrahim G, Caspari T, and Droogers P, Wageningen, p.81, (2014)
Participatory identification of measures to combat soil threats in Europe Caspari, T, van Lynden GWJ, Bai ZG, Mantel S, Bachmann F, and Schwilch G, (2014)
Plan of Action for Pillar Five of the Global Soil Partnership: Harmonization of methods, measurements and indicators for the sustainable management and protection of soil resources. Baritz, R, Erdogan H, Fujii K, Takata Y, Nocita M, Bussian B, Batjes NH, Hempel JW, Wilson P, and Vargas R, Rome, p.44, (2014)
Refining a reconnaissance soil map by calibrating regression models with data from the same map (Normandy France) Collard, F, Kempen B, Heuvelink GBM, Saby NPA, de Forges AC, Lehmann S, Nehlig P, and Arrouays D, Geoderma Regional , Volume 1, p.21-30, (2014)
Review of Global Assessments of Land and Ecosystem Degradation and their Relevance in Achieving the Land-based Aichi Biodiversity Targets Caspari, T, Alexander S, B Brink ten, and Laestadius L, Conference of the parties to the convention on biological diversity, Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, , (2014)
Selection of SLM practices to be tested and evaluated Caspari, T, Ruiperez Gonzalez M, van Lynden GWJ, Bai ZG, Bachmann F, and Schwilch G, (2014)
SoilGrids1km — Global Soil Information Based on Automated Mapping Hengl, T, Mendes de Jesus J, MacMillan RA, Batjes NH, Heuvelink GBM, Carvalho Ribeiro E, Samuel-Rosa A, Kempen B, Leenaars JGB, Walsh MG, et al., PLoS ONE, Volume 9, Issue 8, (2014)
Spatio-temporal interpolation of daily temperatures for global land areas at 1 km resolution Kilibarda, M, Hengl T, Heuvelink GBM, Gräler B, Pebesma E, Tadić MP, and Bajat B, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, (2014)
Total carbon and nitrogen in the soils of the world. Batjes, NH, European Journal of Soil Science, Volume 65, p.10 - 21, (2014)
Towards products for the Netherlands Kempen, B, Heuvelink GBM, Brus DJ, and Walvoort DJJ, GlobalSoilMap. Basis of the Global Spatial Soil Information System, London, UK, p.85-90, (2014)
Uncertainty quantification of GlobalSoilMap products Heuvelink, GBM, GlobalSoilMap. Basis of the Global Spatial Soil Information System, London, UK, p.335-340, (2014)