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Grazing lands in sub-saharan Africa and their potential role in climate change mitigation: What we do and don’t know Milne, E, Apotsos A, Aynekulu E, Bationo A, Batjes NH, Boone R, Conant R, Davies J, Hanan N, Hoag D, et al., Environmental Development, (2016)
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SoilGrids en SoilInfo App: wereldbodeminformatie op je mobiel Hengl, T, and Heuvelink GBM, Bodem, Volume 26-4, p.40, (2016)
S-World: a Global Soil Map for Environmental Modelling Stoorvogel, JJ, Bakkenes M, Temme AJAM, Batjes NH, and ten Brink B, Land Degradation & Development, (2016)
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Green Water Credits and Its Applications to Watershed Eco-compensation in China Bai, ZG, Liu CM, Chen Y, Yu JJ, and Wang SJ, Journal of Economics of Water Resources, Volume 33, Issue 4, p.66-71, (2015)
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