Microphoto of a Podzol B with cracked humus coating (Jongerius-STBOKA collection)


ISRIC - World Soil information, as WDC-Soils, manages several collections that are unique in the world.

The museum houses the World Soil Reference collection of monoliths that contains samples of all the reference soils of the WRB system. This collection can be searched digitally by the ISRIC Soil Information System ( ISIS)

Linked to this monoliths is the sample collection that stores soil samples taken at the sites where the monoliths have been described and taken.


As World Soil Museum, ISRIC manages several Micromorphological collections comprising:

  • ISRIC systematic collection - Large thin sections from the profiles described in the ISRIC Soil Information System
  • Schmidt - Lorenz collection - Contains over 15 000 small thin sections of soils, mainly from Europe, Africa and Australia
  • Jongerius - STIBOKA collection - Over 6000 thin sections and blocks, mainly from Dutch and European soils and sediments. The collection has been established by the late Prof A. Jongerius, former Head of the Department of Micropedology and Mineralogy of the Dutch Soil Survey Institute (STIBOKA) in Wageningen and further expanded by Dr M Kooistra.

These unique micromorphological collections can be viewed on demand.

ISRIC also preserves the following soil collections:

  • Glinka Memorial Collection - A collection of some 50 monoliths with an interesting history.
  • Kobiena collection - Horizon correlation samples from 11 profiles from Russia in display boxes
  • Mohr collection - Hundred of display boxes with soil materials, mainly from the former Dutch East Indies and Africa

In its capacity of WDC-Soils, ISRIC has digitized most of its map collection - This collection of over 6000, mainly small scale (1 : 200 000 or smaller) soil and soil related maps, with an emphasis on the developing world can be consulted in the on line database.

The ISRIC library contains over 20 000 titles, half of which can be classified as "grey literature" (i.e. publications produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry which are not controlled by commercial publishers).